About Six Degrees Group

We believe that everyone should be connected.

UP was developed following research commissioned by Six Degrees Group that demonstrated that cloud-based services were being misunderstood and that the IT industry was, more than any other vocation, most guilty of confusing its audience. UP aspires to change this through educational tools, factual content, resources and downloads, all designed to help cut through the hype and get to the core of the reality of cloud services today.

In creating and maintaining UP, Six Degrees Group makes the following 10 commitments to its audience:

  1. No sales pitching – ever – on any topic
  2. Use plain English as much as possible
  3. When jargon is necessary, explain it
  4. Talk about the entire industry, not just our bit
  5. Discuss products that we don’t do – they’re still valid
  6. Be as neutral and balanced as possible
  7. Leave our agenda behind in the name of fairness
  8. Listen to criticism and modify accordingly
  9. Bring in third party experts as much as possible
  10. Strive to be a force of good in the cloud industry

We are firm in our belief that a healthy marketplace occupied by educated consumers is good for us all. We do not aspire to be all things to all men, but we do want all customers – ours and those of our competitors – to have a great cloud experience.  We hope you enjoy the site.

For more information about Six Degrees Group, please visit the main portion of our web presence –

Note on point 1: should we be fortunate to engage with you on a project, we’d be delighted to pitch for your business but we’ll try and do it in the right way, by listening to your needs, not telling you what we think.

About Six Degrees Group


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